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Partnering with Additive-X means that you will benefit from our 30+ year’s experience of building relationships and knowledge bases with the best manufacturers.

Our experienced staff are able to give impartial advice on the wide range of technology Additive-X has available and our technical support, sales and customer service teams have developed a wealth of experience in many industries. We are audited for ISO9001:2015 certification, which means you can trust Additive-X to deliver products and services that consistently meet your requirements. We are committed to continuously improving processes, resulting in operational efficiencies as well as providing great customer service and minimising possible mistakes. As a result, you benefit from working with a partner you can rely on to deliver on time, every time.

  • ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED

Industries & Applications


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We handpick the brands that we work alongside very carefully. We will only become an authorised reseller of companies who can demonstrate that their additive manufacturing solutions align with our ethos of reliability, efficiency, transparency, and they are focused on providing the best products for our clients,


Additive-X offers a wide selection of technology able to print in materials ranging from basic plastics, composite materials and metals including copper and tooling steel. Each material and technology have their own unique properties and our Additive Manufacturing experts will help you to find the properties you need for your applications

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Request a sample

Ensuring that you choose the right additive manufacturing solution for your application is our priority and we know that one size rarely fits all. Having a physical sample of a 3D printed part in your hand to show quality, material properties, durability and abilities can ultimately help the decision-making process.

We have a wide range of manufacturers with over 30 different printers between them, capable to print in a variety materials from PLA to metal. As we have no ties to a single manufacturer, we are proud to able to provide expert impartial advice to you and samples from our printers direct to you to assess the print quality and material properties.

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Here are some companies that have chosen to use Additive-X as their trusted supplier for additive manufacturing technology,

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