3D Printing In Defence

Military operations are often in very remote areas. 3D Printing can enable faster repairs of vehicles or aircraft by printing the part needed and tools that may be required to install the part.


  • Vehicle Parts
  • Portable Production
  • Prototyping
  • Custom Tools and Fixtures


Governments around the world are investing more and more in developing better technologies and defence systems. Additive Manufacturing (AdM) is well known for enabling flexibility and agility from prototyping and tooling to creating end use parts. In today’s world military operations need to be flexible and agile as possible in the field to deal with challenges in a very short time.

3D printing can enable creation of accurate, repeatable and reliable parts as well as materials that are regulated and certified to print flight-ready parts. The Markforged X7 Field Edition is an all-in-one system designed to go from packaging to printing in under 3 minutes with materials, replacement parts, and tools needed for months of deployment in the harshest environments.


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