Formlabs Form 3+ Basic Package

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  • Low Force Stereolithography (LFS): For incredible surface quality and detail
  • Range of Materials: Switch seamlessly between a library of general purpose and specialty resins with a cross-compatible cartridge system.
  • Compatible with Form 2: Cartridges and Build Platforms are the same
  • Ease of Maintenance: Optical components of the printer can be replaced in-field.
  • Tear Away Supports: Light touch supports for even smoother prints
  • Adaptive Layer Height: For combination of speed and detail
  • Audible Alerts: Be notified of errors and changes of print status by sound as well as on the dashboard.
  • Remote Printing: Set prints off from home or on the go
  • Automated Post Processing: Thanks to the Form Wash & Form Cure (sold separately)


Scale prototyping and production as your business grows with the Form 3+, an affordable, industrial-quality 3D printer that consistently delivers.


The Form 3+ turns liquid resin into flawless parts with Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ which consistently delivers presentation ready parts with unbelievable surface finish. This advanced print process offers incredible print quality, surface detail, and a platform for more advanced materials and applications. The Form 3+ offers users rapid print speeds, industry-leading accuracy and reliability, plus a wide range of materials.  After printing, detach supports in seconds with Formlabs enhanced Light Touch Support structures that save post-processing time.


Each Form 3+ Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ 3D printer package includes a one-year warranty and the essential tools required to start printing: 3D printer, build platform, resin tank and finishing kit.  


Select the Form 3+ Complete Package to also include the Form Wash and Form Cure for automation of post-processing to improve your workflow.





Introducing The Form 3+ Workflow 

The Form 3+ is a part of a 3D printing ecosystem that’s easy to learn and use and requires little intervention or maintenance. Watch the video to learn the basics of the Form 3+, from the software and materials to printing and post-processing.


Nonstop Printing:

The Form 3+ constantly monitors print performance so you can focus on bringing your most creative ideas to life. Integrated sensors help maintain ideal print conditions and send you alerts about the state of your machine.

Pinpoint Precision:

The custom-designed Light Processing Unit (LPU) inside the printer uses a compact system of lenses and mirrors to deliver accurate, repeatable prints.

Crisp, clean features:
The high-power-density laser is passed through a spatial filter to guarantee a clean laser spot.

Consistent printing:
A parabolic mirror ensures that the laser prints perpendicular to the build plane, ensuring uniform print quality across the entire build platform.

Improved part clarity:
With LFS technology's improved layer registration and surface finish, translucent materials print clearer than ever, right off the printer.


Grows With Your Business

Start with one 3D printer or many, and add capacity as demand grows. Use the same tool through prototyping and into production and easily expand into new applications.

Industrial quality for all:
The Form 3+ offers industrial capabilities at a fraction of the price of traditional industrial machines.

Get started now:
Formlabs 3D printers are ready to plug and print right out of the box, no specialized training required.

Avoid delays:
Bringing production in-house with the Form 3 provides the fast turnaround time and flexibility you need to scale.


Find out more about Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) ™



For those who are upgrading from a Form 2 or Form 3, you’ll be pleased to know that your cartridges, build plates, finishing kits, Form Wash and Form Cure are all compatible with the Form 3+. The only things that are not cross compatible are the tanks frpm the Form 2 due to the different peel mechanisms.


If you have any questions about the Form 3+, or you would like to discuss anything further, please get in contact with our team on 01765 694007, or email

More Information
Layer Height 25 - 300 microns
Build Dimensions 145 x 145 x 185 mm
Materials Resins; Standard, Engineering , Flexible, Elastic, Tough, Durable, Jewellery, Model, Specialty
Manufacturer SKU PKG-F3-WS
System Requirements Windows 7 (64-bit) and up Mac OS X 10.12 and up OpenGL 2.1 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
Software PreForm
Connectivity WiFi, USB Cable, Ethernet Cable
Technology Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) ™
Power Requirements 100-240V AC / 2.5A / 50/60Hz / 220W
Dimensions 405 x 375 x 530 mm
Laser Specifications 85 microns
Weight (KG) 17.5kg
Brand Formlabs
  • Form 3+ 3D Printer
  • Form 3 Build Platform
  • Form 3 Resin Tank
  • Form 3 Finishing Kit (not including the IPA solution)
  • PreForm Software (free to download)
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Must be purchased with minimum 1 year Service Plan
  • Cleaning tools
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  • Can I use Form 2 consumables with the Form 3+?

    Cartridges, build platforms, finishing kits, Form Wash and Form Cure are compatible between the Form 2 and Form 3+.

    Tanks are not compatible between the Form 2 and Form 3+.

  • How is the Form 3+ different to the Form 2?

    They use different technologies. The Form 2 is a stereolithography (SLA) printer, the Form 3 is a Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) printer. For a deeper comparison please see our downloads section.

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