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The Car Expert explores how technology is shaping the cars on sale today and what’s coming tomorrow.

Latest car technology articles

Euro 7 – help or hindrance to EV adoption?

Crucial new car emissions standards called Euro 7 could either help or hinder the roll-out of electric cars across the UK and Europe.

Best websites for buying an EV home charger

If you’re buying an electric car and you have a driveway or garage, your next search should probably be for a home charger. But which one?

How electric car batteries are recycled

When electric car batteries are either not holding enough charge or have been damaged in an accident, they’re not done with by any means.

Air-con vs climate control – what you need to know

Air conditioning and climate control are often spoken about together, but there are a few differences - here is what you need to know.

Tyre markings explained

Buying tyres can seem like trying to understand a foreign language. Our helpful tyre guide explains all the key markings you need to know.

How a telematics black box works

A telematics box transmits data about the location, speed, and driving behavior of a vehicle. Here's a breakdown of how this device works.

What is park assist?

Systems to take over parking manoeuvres are getting ever smarter. Here’s how they work and what kind of assistance is on offer.

How EV battery range has improved over the years

A decade ago, EV batteriess struggled to cope with even short journeys. Today, battery range concerns are largely academic.

Blind spot assist – how does it work?

Blind spot assistance warns drivers when a vehicle is to their side and can’t be seen in the wing mirror. Here’s what it does and how.

What is lane-keep assist?

Lane-keep assist is designed to warn and steer a driver back into line when they have drifted out of their lane or misjudged a corner.

What is a mild hybrid?

Car companies are rushing to launch mild hybrid models as quickly possible. But what is a mild hybrid and should you bother with one?

Why hydrogen cars are not the answer

Imagine an EV with a range of 400 miles, that can be refuelled as fast as a petrol or diesel car yet emits only water. Those are the upsides of a hydrogen fuel cell car. So why aren’t they everywhere?

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