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What are the big issues facing drivers today? The Car Expert provides some fantastic driving advice.

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Driving in Germany – what are the rules?

Planning on driving to Germany this summer? Here’s what to check – for you and your car – before you set off.

How does a speeding fine affect your car insurance?

A speeding penalty will make your car insurance more expensive, but there are things you can do to help manage the costs.

Driving in France – what are the rules?

Heading to French shores for your holiday this year? Here’s what to check, for you and your car, before you set off.

Don’t let an expired licence drive you to penalty points and fines

Driving with an expired driver's licence can lead to some harsh punishments - here's how to renew your licence in the UK when the time comes.

Load your roof rack properly or risk a fine

Big journey ahead of you with lots of luggage? A roof rack can be a good idea, but load it up safely or you could be in trouble.

Why do so many drivers fear motorways?

Motorway driving is not fun for many drivers, while some are scared of using them altogether. We look at why and how to feel more comfortable.

Focussing on safety: top tips to check your eyesight

Can you read a number plate from 20 metres? Is it getting more difficult to focus when you’re driving? Perhaps it’s time to check your sight.

Smart motorways – anything but clever?

Smart motorways have been in the news again after a tech failure left broken-down drivers marooned in live traffic lanes 'like sitting ducks'.

Aggression on UK roads getting worse says new study

A new report published by safety charity IAM RoadSmart suggests that aggressive motorists and cyclists are becoming a bigger problem on UK roads.

How to get better MPG

Improving your car's fuel economy is a good way to reduce your weekly fuel costs. Here’s some tips and tricks on how to get better MPG.

Controlling the cost of car rental

If you’ve rented a car in the past year, you’ll notice the cost has soared. Here’s our guide on how to keep your car rental costs down.

The weather’s changing – and so should your driving style

As we say farewell to summer and hello to winter, are you ready to tackle the changing driving conditions?

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