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Welcome to The Car Expert Forum. Anyone can participate in the forum, so feel free to ask questions, discuss your experiences or offer advice to other forum members.

Please search for your topic of interest or question before starting a new thread, as it’s likely that someone has already been discussing the same issue.

Forum currently closed to new posts

Unfortunately, we have had to close the forum to new posts for the time being. We have endured persistent hacking attempts and spamming in recent weeks, so the forum will remain closed until we can implement suitable provisions to prevent this in the future.

We would prefer to keep the forum open to anyone to use without having to register an account, but this may have to change to keep the site secure.

You are still able to browse the forum and read existing topics, so hopefully you will find information that helps you with any questions you have. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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    • Car finance
      Most cars these days are bought on some kind of finance plan, but many people do not really understand how car finance works.  This category is for all your car finance issues and questions.
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    • Buying a Car
      Discussions about buying new and used cars. Ask questions, share your experiences, offer advice to others!
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    • Any Other Business
      Anything else you want to discuss? Keep it related to cars or this website, but otherwise go for it!
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