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Best electric vehicles

The definitive ranking of the best and worst new electric cars, SUVs and crossovers on sale in the UK

This is the definitive ranking of the best and worst electric vehicles on sale in the UK.

How can we make such a bold claim? Because this list isn’t just based on our opinion. We’ve compiled and analysed more than 15,000 new car reviews from 35 of the UK’s top motoring titles to produce our Expert Rating Index.

Why rely on one person’s opinion when you can have all of the top reviews gathered together in one place?

The electric car market has exploded in the last few years, with a number of fantastic vehicles available up and down the marketplace.

The difference between a car, a crossover and an SUV is blurring more and more with every new model that goes on sale, so we’ve put all the new EVs into this one page. You can sort by different body styles below.