A detailed model of the ancient Greek temple, The Parthenon has been created in a collaboration between DL Additive, Arketyp 3D and an amateur enthusiast of ancient architecture.

The model, produced in France, used three EnvisionTEC printers to produce the model. The Ultra 3SP is capable of producing high quality prints for complex geometries, the Vector 3SP has a higher build volume and print speed, perfect for the larger pieces and the Apollo can produce the finest detail, whilst maintaining the reliability that EnvisionTEC is known for.

The Parthenon, created with EnvisionTEC 3SP range

The final model measures 63x32x18cm. Each piece was printed individually and then re-assembled to form the finished product. Between printing and assembly the time taken was 300 hours.

Both the individual who commissioned the piece and DL Additive were thrilled with the finished product. "This model has been a lot of work but we're quite proud of it!" said Raphael Darmon, Director of DL Additive.

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