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The Car Expert calls for national co-operation on electrifying cars instead of political grandstanding

National unity on the UK’s approach to moving away from fossil-fuelled cars is vital for achieving our climate goals, says The Car Expert.

Car market buoyed by boost in private sales and EVs in half-year results

New car sales grew by 26% in June with private sales rising by 15% and fleets further cementing positive results this year with a rise of 38%.

Value brands dominate new year sales charts as hopes rise for easing of car price rises

Badge snobbery could be a thing of the past as affordable brands dominated January’s sales charts, says The Car Expert.

Nissan Qashqai is first British-built car to top annual sales charts since 1998

The Nissan Qashqai is the first British-built car to top the sales charts since 1998 in boost for UK car manufacturing, according to The Car Expert.

Supply improvements spark huge fleet sales uplift and hint at better deals for car buyers

Supply issues are easing after new car registrations grew by nearly a quarter in November, according to The Car Expert.

UK car market begins to see supply issues ease

The UK car market has begun to see ongoing supply issues ease following more than a 25% increase in new vehicle registrations in October.

Investigation reveals scale of UK car finance debt as cost of living crisis intensifies

12 October 2022 Total car finance debt has rocketed from £11 billion to nearly £40 billion* since 2009, an increase of 253% The sheer scale of...

Car market rises in September amidst economic and political turbulence

September saw a slight increase in new car sales compared to last year, masking an otherwise lacklustre result, says The Car Expert.

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