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Servicing, road tax, warranties, consumer rights advice and more. The Car Expert is your one-stop-shop for car ownership tips and advice.

Owning a car can be expensive and, at times, confusing for many people. Fortunately, The Car Expert has a wide range of articles covering every aspect of owning and running a car. With our award-winning advice to guide you, you’ll end up with a much better chance of working through your ownership issues and enjoying an easier life!

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Our top car ownership articles

Rejecting a car – your consumer rights

Have you bought a new or used car that is faulty or not fit for purpose? Read The Car Expert's comprehensive guide to your consumer rights when rejecting a car.

Used car warranty – the law and your rights

If you are buying a second-hand car, there can be considerable confusion as to what to expect in terms of a used car warranty and what your rights are when something goes wrong.

New car warranty – Do I have to have my car serviced by a dealership?

We clear up the confusion about whether car owners must have their cars serviced by a franchised dealership to protect their new car warranty.

Average car now costs almost £220 a month to run

Latest data estimates that motorists spend an average of £218 each month on running a petrol or diesel car, not including car finance payments.

More car ownership advice

Making sense of EV public charging

Opting for an electric car can be daunting, particularly when you can't charge at home. Here's what you need to know about public charging.

Market value vs agreed value

Everyone wants the best price for their car when the worst happens so we take a look at how market value and agreed value insurance policies affect this.

Is my car leaking oil?

It’s your engine’s lifeblood and something you simply can’t do without. How can you spot that your car is leaking oil, and what should you do?

How does a speeding fine affect your car insurance?

A speeding penalty will make your car insurance more expensive, but there are things you can do to help manage the costs.

Ten car smells that could mean problems

Car doesn’t sound right? Or feel right? But how about smell right? Here’s how an odour can help you detect a potential problem on your motor.

Looking after your car exhaust

It may be hidden underneath your car, but don’t forget about your exhaust. This important part needs care and attention. Here’s why and how.

I’ve been hit by an uninsured driver. What should I do?

Have you had an accident with an uninsured driver? Here’s what to do if you’re hit by someone who doesn’t have insurance.

The UK’s best alloy wheel insurance providers

Want to find insurance cover for your alloy wheels? Here's our guide to the leading providers of this valuable insurance.

Best websites for buying an EV home charger

If you’re buying an electric car and you have a driveway or garage, your next search should probably be for a home charger. But which one?

How to jump start your car

You slide into the driver’s seat, turn the ignition key and… nothing. You might need a jump start. Here’s how to do it.

Towing 101: what you need to know

Planning on towing a caravan or trailer for the first time? Find out who can tow things with their car, and how.

Air-con vs climate control – what you need to know

Air conditioning and climate control are often spoken about together, but there are a few differences - here is what you need to know.

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