Founded in 2015 by Alex Smilansky and Benjamin Redford, Mayku is one of the most exciting brands in the maker sphere. The brand started life out on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter as an ambitious project to create the world’s first desktop vacuum former. The project gave Mayku their first 1,700 customers.

The Mayku FormBox allows users to replicate three-dimensional forms using heated thermoplastic sheets. Typically, vacuum formers are enormous and take up the space of a workbench. The FormBox is much smaller. It’s a desktop-friendly size, and ingeniously, uses any vacuum cleaner to provide the suction.

The product is so reliable that it has developed somewhat of a cult following. Users swear by their FormBox and its production capabilities. It has been touted as an alternative to 3D printing, but in reality, it’s a complimentary technology. You can use your 3D printer to print a complex form and then replicate it with vacuum forming.

Who is the FormBox for? Anyone, honestly. It’s great fun to make and create with it at home, and equally productive for a business. If you like to make stuff or rely on the ability to use form in your work, the Mayku FormBox is a unique proposition.