3D Printing in Supply Chain Management

3D printing has the power to help companies significantly reduce costs, overcome geopolitical risks / tariffs, improve customer service, reduce carbon footprint and drive innovation for competitive advantage.


  • Portable Production
  • Product Customisation
  • Improve time-to-market
  • Improve efficiency
  • on demand’ production

Supply Chain Management

According to the Global Supply Chain Institute white paper, New Supply Chain Technology Best Practices, "some supply chain professionals predict 3D printing will eventually rival the impact of Henry Ford’s assembly line"

3D printing is a disruptive innovation that is here to stay.

Additive Manufacturing gives manufacturers the flexibility and resources needed to respond to all sorts of contingencies. Supply chains are crucial for success and in times of crisis or supply shortages Manufacturers can leverage the power of 3D printers to reduce shortages, pivot production lines or print parts to reduce downtime.

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Printing Examples


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White Paper

The Economics of 3D printing



Engineering Fit White Paper


Using 3D printing forwelding fixtures


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